Amaia Vicente

Deconstruction of the beauty from the art


Interactive video installation 
Materials: interactive interfaces.

TRANS_MUTATIONS ON Afo Architekturforum Oberösterreich (Linz, Austria, 2017)

After the end of the industrial production era, some cities pursued transformation through the idea of becoming living labs, platforms for innovation and manufactures of future. The blast furnaces and industrial factories wich once forged the economy, shed their skin into a new stage of society´s development, where the economy underwent a transition form the production of goods to the provision of services along with the valuation of knowledge and the service of the creative culture. This metamorphosis is known in sociology as the post –industrial society.

Linz and Bilbao are two citiessharing strategical stages of development. From heavy industries to services, from ecological disasters and darkened polluted face to the transformation of the coty throught architectural and atistic facades, shining titanium and electric neons as active agents of an environmental and urban regeration. The rivers Danube and Nervion, once a main waterway for commerce and communication, gradually have become the spatial context for cultural and artistic institutions and events.


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