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Performance (Naples, 2018)

This work is based on a performance with video and live music that wants to make a reflection on the border controls of Europe. The Schengen Agreement is an agreement whereby several European countries abolished controls at internal borders (between those countries) and transferred those controls to external borders (with third countries).

The video has been recorded in the south of Italy, at a hot migration point, where a performance was made in that line where the waves of the sea break and the sand begins, where the Mediterranean ends and the European territio begins.

This work was done in 2018 in collaboration with the cultural foundation “Piazzetta Durante”, Naples, which works on cultural diversity and the integration of adolescent refugees and migrants, and the “Basque Institute Etxepare”, to internationalize Basque culture.

Performance is in collaboration with Sergio Robles

welcome to the border on schaustelle gallery (schaustelle, vienna, 2019)

Welcome to the border on bilbaoarte foundation (Bilbao, Spain, 2019)


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