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Deconstruction of the beauty from the art



The POLISH SOUNDSCAPES offered an opportunity to present the outcomes of the work of Basque artist Amaia Vicente, a participant in the Artist-in-Residence program. Spanning between September and November, Vincente’s residency in Wrocław has been devoted to a series of field recordings based on the binaural (two-ear) sound registration system and combined with the geolocation of the sound sources. The artist’s practices in Wrocław have been geared to perfecting the methodology developed for her Ph.D. project at the Department of Art and Technology, University of the Basque Country.

In her work, by analyzing the perceptual properties of the body, Vicente implies the difference between listening and hearinglistening is an action and hearing is an event. For the artist, the sound is also a way to get to know the object emitting it or the space, which it was registered in. The captured sounds, thus, create a peculiar landscape, both the personal and the collective one, reflecting the identity and culture of the place, space, moment.

The artist wants to thank the bands, ensembles and people who contributed to the project, especially Przepych, Kostas Georgakopulos, Phonos ek Mechanes, Jakub Olejnik, Łukasz Bzowski Trio and Daniel Brożek.
Amaia Vicente’s work is an effect of her residency run within the framework of the AIR Wroprogramme by Culture Zone Wrocław. Vicente’s residency was supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute.

Wro art center (Poland, 2018)


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