Amaia Vicente

Deconstruction of the beauty from the art


Deconstruction of the beauty from the art


“The personal is political” wrote Kate Millet in 1970 while discussing the identity of the bodies.

The body in my work is the cornerstone, a body mainstreamed by cultural and social norms. The main objective of my works, which are conceptually connected, is to investigate through sculptural and technological processes the system of symbols that relate to the system of power. I attempt to deconstruct these symbols in order to raise a series of questions and reflexions that relate body and symbol, subject and image, organism and identity, reality-unreality.

Through sculpture and installation, I started working with the idea of the standards of beauty and the deconstruction of the beautiful body and the various symbols that revolve around the structures of social control that determine it. This confronts us with perverse effects on the conceptualization of beauty, violence and paradise. Concepts deeply rooted and forthcoming in the context of a globalized market system and consumer goods that subdue the body to stipulated social norms. In this search I attempt to strip the sign-body, to alter it, to transform or destroy it to create new semiotic languages while interacting with the viewers through their senses.

Since 2010 my works include sound and video to produce pieces that try to emphasize the idea of a paradise “built” by materialism. It’s here that an interest in audio develops, associated with the pursuit of that idea and bringing new questions into the work.

This has also led me to understand the body as interface as something performative, generator, detonator, creator within an absolute media globalization. In this sense my work seeks to cause physical responses in the people who interact with the pieces through various technological devices related to sound and video in real time.

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